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in-vēn-iō       Latin, meaning:  find, unearth, discover

About Invenio Financial

PCA Acquisitions V, LLC has been an industry leader in specialty portfolio management since 2004. We have recently undergone transformations to emerge as the new Invenio Financial to better reflect our growth and vision for the future. With our new name, new face, and our unparalleled commitment to increasing value through strategic portfolio management, we continue to be the industry standard in specialized acquisition.Our company was founded on upholding our partners’ brands and our commitment to delivering real bottom line financial results. Our expert staff focuses on specialized acquisitions within our core markets allowing us to pay premium prices for those portfolio segments.

Invenio Financial will continue to find underserved portfolio segments, unearth opportunities, and discover maximum values. Invenio Financial is willing to discuss all types of partnership opportunities including specialized acquisition and Master Servicing.

Our Mission

Provide our partners with the strategic tools to discover the hidden value within specialized portfolios.