Core Market

“We find underserved portfolio segments, unearth opportunities, and discover maximum value.”

Invenio Financial partners with portfolio owners to acquire and service accounts across a variety of industries including banks, retailers, credit unions, credit card issuers, auto lenders, medical facilities, and utility providers. Our core markets include accounts at all stages of the portfolio lifecycle within these specialized segments:

Cease & Desist

Cease & desist letters do not relieve consumers of their financial obligations. Invenio Financial has a proven strategic process to expertly value these accounts. We often find significant opportunities within this portfolio segment, and we offer strong premiums to purchase these types of accounts.

Small Business

Small business accounts need both tactical and strategic approaches to unearth potential opportunities and achieve bottom line results. Invenio Financial delivers results to our partners within this unique market segment.

Debt Management

New opportunities continue to develop as more consumers take part in debt management programs. Invenio Financial’s proven analytical techniques will discover the hidden value in this portfolio segment.


Our experienced team has specialized in probate portfolios for over 15 years. We have developed proprietary models for identifying valuable accounts within this market segment. Our models and experience enable us to maximize value while protecting your brand.

Pending/Dismissed Bankruptcy

Pending/dismissed bankruptcy accounts require expedited processing to uncover opportunities. Our team has extensive experience discovering the full potential value of a pending/dismissed bankruptcy portfolio segment.

core markets for acquisitions

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